Six Cheese Garlic Creamy Noodles

My dear daughter LOVES the box of Noodle Roni Parmesan noodles. So, I thought I would try and find a “home made” version of them that didn’t taste so blah. After scouring Pinterest I finally found a Parmesan noodle recipe that was worth a try. This recipe has been blowing up Pinterest so how could I not try it!  I can never find the four cheese version of Italian shredded cheese so I use the six cheese version (the more the better, right?). These noodles are so good I could literally eat the whole pan myself, but I’m not going to try and guess how many calories are in this dish, so I will stick to a small bowl as a side dish to something more healthy. I no longer have the metabolism of a 17 year old girl. Just looking at the recipe put on about 5 pounds. But I’m not about to give up eating good food to save a few calories. I guess I will just have to keep on Diva Dancing with my friends until I pass out…ugh! But this recipe is definitely a keeper in my house. Thank you Julia!

Here is a link to the original recipe from Julia’s Album:

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