Watermelon Lemon Spritzer

It is HOT in Minnesota today! Whew! I thought I would share my new favorite summer drink, watermelon lemon spritzer. What says summer more than watermelon? I stumbled upon this watermelon flavored vodka in the liquor store (not literally) so I thought I would buy it and see what ideas I could come up with for different drinks. I first mixed it with lemonade which was really good, but then I thought maybe lemon flavored La Croix sparkling water. This is my favorite! I love La Croix water, and mixed with the sweet watermelon vodka is the perfect combination. Very cool and refreshing and not to syrupy. Also a relatively low calorie drink. Garnished with some watermelon cubes, lemon slices and mint and you have the perfect poolside drink. If only I had a pool…I enjoy mine on the couch with the central air on. If I’m feeling real brave I will drink it on the patio, if it’s not 3000 degrees outside. Today it is so I’m staying close to the couch.

There are lots of other ways you could use this vodka also. You could put it in the watermelon for a boozy watermelon. Or, you could mix it with sprite, ginger ale, or whatever you like. Watermelon jello shots? Watermelon soaked gummy bears? It’s pretty versatile once you start to think of all the things you can do with vodka. There are some pretty wild vodka flavors out there today, and I like to try new ones just for fun. I got lucky with this one, it’s great! I’ve been burned by some. And just because they are good with a mix, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good straight.

Since it’s been too hot to really cook, I’ve been making some good summer drinks. Stay tuned…and have a super rest of you summer!


Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Servings 1


  • 2 oz. watermelon flavor vodka (or as much as you would like)
  • 1 can lemon La Croix sparkling water
  • lemon slices and watermelon for garnish


  1. Pour watermelon vodka in a glass with ice
  2. Top off with lemon sparkling water
  3. Add garnish and enjoy
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