About me

Hello! I am so excited to be starting my food blog journey. I live in central Minnesota with my two kids (Alexa and Brett) and Scott. It is pretty much the edge of the world, nothing but cornfields as far as the eye can see! By day I am a city administrator for a small, and I do mean small (1,400 pop), town and I really do love it! Stay at home mom is not my thing! Kudos to anyone who can do it! I would rather listen to a crabby taxpayer than crying kids all day. But, my kiddos are almost grown and flown so it’s easier to say that now. When they were small I wished I could have been home more, but bills gotta get paid. Scott farms with his dad and brother so I am a reluctant farm wife so to speak. Planting, harvest and deer hunting, I’m pretty much on my own. Luckily I’m an only child so I’m used to it.

I just love cooking, eating, and cocktails, alcoholic and non, oh who am I kidding…what’s a cocktail without booze! I also enjoy reading about cooking, eating and cocktails. I have quite a cookbook collection and it is my pride and joy (right after my kids). I know pretty much every recipe that is in every cookbook. I love to cook and share recipes from my collection, from the web, and stuff that I just make up on the go. I am also finding out that I love designing my blog. I have never thought of myself as super creative but the more I dive into this blog thing the more I am enjoying learning about code, photography and writing.

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of box wine in a plastic cup, no judgement here! I hope you enjoy your time at my little corner of the bloggisphere. Pinkie up!


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