My Top 5 Favorite State Fair Foods (In No Particular Order)

Well the last day of the State Fair is upon us. And the last day of summer for most too. I can’t believe how fast it went by! I had big plans to get to the fair this year and  for my blog this summer hahahahahahaha!!! I also had a great idea to actually cook my Top 5 State Fair foods my self and blog about those, but that’s ok. I will still share the recipes with you.

Here are links to copy cat versions of my top five state fair foods that you can make at home if you didn’t have time to get to the Great Minnesota Get Together. Or, if you find yourself in the middle of winter and it’s -30 and need a little reminder of summer.

  1. Corn Dogs or Pronto Pups–CD Kitchen Corn Dogs
  2. Cheese Curds–Mallory’s Kitchen Cheese Curds
  3. Sweet Martha’s Cookies–Cheap Recipe Blog’s Sweet Martha’s Cookies
  4. Hamline Church Dining Hall’s Ham Loaf–State Fair Ham Loaf
  5. Salem Church Dining Hall’s Swedish Meatballs–State Fair Meatballs

Although the fair always has some exciting new foods to try every year also, these are staples that have stood the test of time. Don’t forget to get some delicious egg coffee to wash down your meatballs. It can’t be beat! Or a Minnesota Sundae for dessert.

What are some of your favorites at the fair?

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