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Shrimp And Crab Dip

Every year my friends all get together and we have our “family” Christmas party at our house. Usually the weekend before Christmas. This year one of the appetizers that I made was shrimp and crab dip. I have made this dip for many, many years. I have taken a little break from it because, you know, […]

Dried Beef Snacks

My work “Christmas Party” which usually happens over Martin Luther King weekend or Presidents Day weekend, is usually a get together of all of my co-workers and council members, past and present, at the local casino. We spend the night, rent a party room and everyone brings a dish or two, and a drink or […]

Bacon Cheddar Cheeseball

This cheeseball is a quick easy appetizer that I make for many events at our house. This year I made it for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas. My daughter wasn’t home for Thanksgiving so I had to make is special for her when she was home for Christmas. It is always a hit and it goes best […]

Seasoned Oyster Crackers

Seasoned Oyster crackers are a great holiday snack. I made these to have at Thanksgiving for my guests to nosh on before our meal. The leftovers went to work and they didn’t last long. A double batch was made to make sure there was enough. My Aunt Mary used to make these when I was little […]

Baked Chicken Wings

BLOW YOUR MIND” BAKED WINGS FROM DAPHNE OZ AND THE CHEW. I have to confess. I LOVE The Chew. I tape it every day and sometimes binge watch an entire week on a Saturday morning. Back to the wings…. It was coming up on Super Bowl Sunday and I needed a good wing recipe, because […]