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Cajun Chicken Alfredo

I love Alfredo! Everything tastes better in a creamy butter and Parmesan cheese sauce. The Cajun seasoning adds a spicy kick to the sauce and there is nothing much better than that. This is one of my very favorite recipes of all time, and since it is the season for over indulgence, I thought it might […]

Oven Baked Ribs

My son wanted ribs for his pre birthday dinner so his wish is my command. I found this recipe for easy oven baked ribs, because I do spoil him as much as I can, but I wasn’t firing up the grill lol! I do have limits! These were so good and easy. They take a little […]

Bbq Biscuit Cups

So, election week came and went! Ugh was it a stressful week. Thankfully I am no longer the Lead Election Official but I did get to the polling place at 5:30 am to help set up. Winthrop had a super turnout! When your an election official it’s more about the voter and making sure they get […]

Taco Meat

There must be a bazillion uses for taco meat!  Here is my recipe for taco meat. It’s not fancy  by any means, but it makes a good amount of meat and you can freeze any leftover for a quick meal some other night. I make tacos of course and taco salad (with Doritos and Thousand […]

Cracker Fish Crust

To say that Scott likes to fish is quite the understatement! He could fish all day every day, and when he isn’t actually fishing he is watching fishing on tv or YouTube. When we go ice fishing he is watching fishing while fishing…Well you get the point. So we usually have fish to eat up around […]

My Favorite Meatloaf

I know meatloaf is one of those recipes where everyone has their own personal favorite. Nothing compares to your family’s meatloaf recipe. But, I just had to share this meatloaf recipe because it really is my favorite! I don’t like a lot of fancy stuff in my meatloaf and this one is pretty basic, but using […]

Honey Garlic Butter Salmon

This recipe for Honey Garlic Butter Salmon is a quick and healthy weeknight meal. I had some frozen salmon portions in the freezer that I had bought earlier in an attempt to try and eat healthier and tonight was the night to use them. I also had some frozen green beans I had to use up […]