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Watermelon Lemon Spritzer

It is HOT in Minnesota today! Whew! I thought I would share my new favorite summer drink, watermelon lemon spritzer. What says summer more than watermelon? I stumbled upon this watermelon flavored vodka in the liquor store (not literally) so I thought I would buy it and see what ideas I could come up with for […]

Vodka Lemonade Cooler

This vodka lemonade cooler is so good and refreshing, before you know it the Tito’s and Lemonade are all gone! The cucumber adds a nice summery side note to the drink, not too sweet and not too tart. If you want to go ahead and make your own homemade lemonade go for it, or even use […]

Rhubarb Slush

Rhubarb Slush is the ultimate summer drink. It combines all of my favorite flavors into one!  Rhubarb is so versatile and using it in this drink gives a great tart flavor to offset some of the sugar. The hardest part of this drink is cooking the rhubarb. It seems like a lot but, well, it is […]

Real Mojito

This recipe for a real mojito is from the mixology class on Master Class. I bought the unlimited 1 year subscription during quarantine and thought what the heck, I might as well learn something while I’m home. So far I have watched Anna Wintour, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Alice Waters, Chris Voss and now the mixology class. […]

Pineapple Mango Margarita

SO it’s only been 3 1/2 months since my last post…BUT here’s that margarita. Yea it’s not the cucumber jalapeno one I wanted to make but this one is fruity but not to sweet and a great summer drink. Frozen pineapple and mangoes blended up with Hornitos Silver Tequila, triple sec and agave nectar gives you […]